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The Tips For Travellers podcast helps you make the most of your precious vacation time and money with first-hand travel inspiration, advice and tips from travel expert, author, blogger and YouTuber Gary Bembridge.

May 6, 2019

Discover the most important watch-outs and things you need to know about Silversea Expeditions before you cruise on an expedition cruise with them. Expedition cruises are costly and you need to make sure, before spending a lot of money on one, if Silversea Cruises is right for your expedition cruising vacation. Be it the Arctic, Antartica, Galapagos or some other part of the world. In this I explore things like who and what Silversea Expeditions is, what they do better, the same or worse than other expedition cruise lines and who Silversea Expedition cruises are most suited for (and who not).

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