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The Tips For Travellers podcast helps you make the most of your precious vacation time and money with first-hand travel inspiration, advice and tips from travel expert, author, blogger and YouTuber Gary Bembridge.

Dec 30, 2019

What are the 9 worst cruise packing mistakes cruisers can (and Do) Make? I discuss the main things that cruise passengers get wrong when packing for their cruise vacation, along with watch-outs and things to be careful of based on where you are cruising to.

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Dec 23, 2019

What are the pros and cons of cruising on a Princess Cruises cruising vacation. I explore the best and worst things about a cruise with Princess. The things you need to watch out for and be aware of, as well as the great things about cruising on Princess Cruises. This luxury / premium cruise line is the Thord...

Dec 16, 2019

As cruise ships get larger and cruising becoming more popular, cruise ports can get very crowded with cruise passengers. There can be between 15,000 and 20,000 passengers arriving at a port one any one day. What can you do to avoid the crowds and have a great time in a cruise port away from the mass of other cruising...

Dec 9, 2019

Discover the 11 Costly Cruise Mistakes that cruise passengers make most often, And how you can avoid making them. Drawing on the 73 cruises I have done to date, and the mistakes that I either made or seen other cruisers make, this is the list of things you need to be aware of to make sure you do not waste money, spend...

Dec 2, 2019

There are at least 10 good reasons, and times, that you should stay on board your cruise ship when it is in port. Discover the times, and why, you should consider enjoying what your cruise ship has to offer rather than venturing on to land to explore. Cruising is, of course, about seeing places but you are also spending...