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The Tips For Travellers podcast helps you make the most of your precious vacation time and money with first-hand travel inspiration, advice and tips from travel expert, author, blogger and YouTuber Gary Bembridge.

Sep 6, 2016


In this episode Gary Bembridge from gives ten reasons to do a European River Cruise based on his experiences with a number of lines and routes.

These include:

  1. Immerse you in and give you a feel for a region
  2. A chance to explore iconic, significant and historic rivers
  3. Safety and Security
  4. Unpack and pack once despite visiting lots of different places.
  5. Stay in comfortable rooms with a view
  6. Five-star dining
  7. Removes lots of hassle in vacation planning
  8. Certainty on the total cost of your vacation as largely all-inclusive, with few added extras
  9. Intimate and often adult-only experience
  10. More relaxing and overall less stressful way to see a region than land-based tours

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